8 YouTube Channels for Kids to Learn Filipino languages

Learning a language requires frequent exposure to train your child’s ear to hear the new sounds. Even if you don’t live near native speakers of your target language, you can start with watching and listening to YouTube videos. We’ve compiled a list of the best kid-friendly YouTube Channels for learning Tagalog/Filipino, Bisaya/Cebuano, Ilokano and more!


Lampara Network Channel

This channel features Kuya Jun reading storybooks with a background music and illustrations from the original books. This channel has a variety of stories and illustration styles that will appeal to both younger and older children. The videos are not animated and do not have subtitles.

Batibot TV

The original Filipino children’s show! This channel does not have full-length episodes, only selected clips. There are a mix of songs, stories, animation, and puppets. There are no subtitles.

Filipino Fairy Tales, Kids Planet Filipino, and Magic Box Filipino

These channels are similar. They have classic fairy tales and fables retold in Tagalog/Filipino. These videos are simple animated cartoons and they do have English subtitles.


Huni Huni Channel

The Huni Huni channel features simple animated songs and rhymes in Bisaya/Cebuano.


Roselyn Campano Channel

This channel features a handful of songs in Ilokano sung by a child with lyrics.

Mutilple Languages

Dialect 101 Channel

This channel features vocabulary videos in multiple languages including: Tagalog/Filipino, Cebuano, Ilokano, Iloongo/Hillangyon, Pangasinan, Bikol, and Kapampangan. Go to their playlist section to find the videos sorted by language. The videos are basically flashcards with an image, English word, and the word in a Filipino language.

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