Beautiful Eyes – A Bilingual Tagalog English Board Book

If you’ve been searching for a Filipino baby board book, I highly recommend “Beautiful Eyes” written by Gayle Romsanta and illustrated by Ramon Abad.

The title refers to a Filipino mannerism, where babies and children are told to show their beautiful eyes by blinking several times.

This book has simple repetitive phrases, in Tagalog and English, about parts of the face and body. It’s wonderful to see Filipino characters and an empowering message that we are beautiful!

The board book version is large, 8.5″ by 7″. There is also a paperback version, as well as an activity book for use in school curriculum!


The book is published by Bridge + Delta Publishing, an independent Filipino press. You can purchase a copy directly from the publisher in the Bridge + Delta Shop.

While you are there, check out their middle grade non-fiction book about the life of Larry Itliong, a Filipino American hero!

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