Billy Has Two Daddies – A Bilingual Tagalog English LGBTQ Book

Billy Has Two Daddies (Dalawa and Daddy ni Billy) is a bilingual Filipino(Tagalog)-English picture book, written by Michael P. De Guzman, illustrated by Daniel Palma Tayona, and published by Tahanan Books.

This story follows Billy’s home life and the questions that come up when he is bullied for having two dads. Billy asks what “bakla” (gay) means and why other kids think his family is so different. His fathers try to answer in an age-approriate manner without going into too much detail. The story ends on a positive note with hope for understanding and acceptance.


The paperback version is available directly on the Philippine Tahanan website, but to order from the USA Tahanan office, please email Also available in paperback on Amazon.

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